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Caddy Splash Groove Sharpener | Golf Club Groove Sharpener | Caddy Splash

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Maximize Your Spin Rates Today With The Caddy Splash Groove Sharpener!

Restore Your Golf Clubs - Bring your favorite irons and wedges back to life with this golf club groove cleaner. It helps remove dirt, grime, sand, or grass buildup stuck in the grooves.

A Golf Club Groove Sharpener with Multiple Tips - This golf tool has tips for U and V grooves that are stored in the unit. Access them by unscrewing the top part of the sharpener. Never worry about your tips getting dull or not fitting again!

Better Control - Boasting a premium steel spike, this golf groove sharpening tool can help you sharpen clubs’ grooves. This gives you crisper corners that can help grab the ball more when striking, leading to more spin for every shot.

Built To Last - With an aluminum alloy shaft and vacuum heat-treated steel cutter, our groove sharpener golf accessory has a hardness level of 28. It's long-lasting and won’t break/rust easily.

Care For Your Shoes - It’s important to keep your footwear free of dirt, so you get better traction on any field. This golf cleaner can help you get rid of grass and mud build-up on your shoes.

The Caddy Splash Team does not recommend clipping it to your golf bag as it is not allowed under USGA rules to use mid-round. If you have any questions please email

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