The Caddy Splash Boys

The idea for Caddy Splash first came to life in the summer of 2020. Jake, Jason, and Drew realized that a lot of the courses in Los Angeles have gotten rid of the club and ball washers on the course to stop the spread of COVID-19. As golfers who know the importance of clean grooves, we were disappointed but also curious.

What if golfers had their own mobile golf club cleaners that have water? We started thinking and eventually came up with the first prototype. This evolved and led to the Caddy Splash 1.0 that you see today. We started this company because we wanted to solve a problem but more importantly because of our passion for this great game.

As young golfers we know the importance of growing the game within our generation as we are next up.

We want to empower every younger golfer out there
to keep playing golf and know that we have their backs every step of the way while becoming the one stop shop for all golf utility products!

#Caddysplash #GROW.THE.GAME

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