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Caddy Splash Bundle Kit | Golf Water Brush, Groove Sharpener, Caddy Tour Towel | Caddy Splash

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The Best Club Cleaning Kit by Caddy Splash

Three-in-one bundle includes a Caddy Splash Golf Water Brush, Groove Sharpener, and Caddy Tour Towel!

A Caddy Splash Golf Water brush to easily remove dirt and debris, a tour towel to wipe away any moisture on the club face, and a groove sharpener to restore your grooves to increase spin rates.

  • Get all of the most essential Caddy Splash products delivered to you in a bundle, straight to your door.
  • The bundle includes a Golf Water brush, Caddy Tour Towel, and a Groove Sharpener
  • Add these products to your bag to help elevate your game!
  • Save $15 on your favorite products by purchasing the bundle!