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The Ultimate Golf Gift Guide for Mother's Day

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What Should I Get My Mom For Mother’s Day?

By Caddy Splash - May 2, 2024

Just like me, you're probably sitting on the couch, wondering what to buy your golf-loving Mom for Mother’s Day. 

The ultimate gift you could give her is the Caddy Splash Golf Water Brush. If your Mom enjoys her time on the golf course with family and friends as much as mine does, she’ll appreciate this thoughtful gift. Golf inevitably leads to dirty clubs, and no Mom likes dirty..

Caddy Splash offers top-tier golf products that cater to any gender and skill level, making it a perfect Mother's Day gift.


What is Caddy Splash?

Caddy Splash is a golf brand born out of necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic by three golf enthusiasts. When local golf courses removed club and ball washers to prevent virus spread, these golfers found themselves in need of a reliable solution to clean their clubs. Spitting on them or using OLD wire golf brushes was far from ideal. This led to the creation of the Caddy Splash Golf Water Brush, equipped with a retractable clip, durable nylon bristles, and a water reservoir that holds 4 ounces of water, designed specifically for the convenience and needs of golfers. The founders, Jake, Jason, and Drew, are committed to developing the most innovative and practical golf accessories on the market.

How Do I Know If My Mom Will Like Her Caddy Splash Gifts?

Caddy Splash's appeal was confirmed last year when a post-Mother's Day survey revealed that 99% of the Moms who received their products as gifts loved them. This feedback came from 123 respondents of an email campaign, many of whom were male and witnessed their Moms’ joyful reactions firsthand. Moms appreciate gifts that combine functionality with simplicity, and clean clubs definitely fall into that category. It’s also likely that your Mom has already come across @caddysplash on social media.

Does It Matter If My Mom Plays a Lot of Golf?

Whether your Mom is a frequent golfer or just enjoys the occasional round, Caddy Splash products are perfect. They are designed for both avid golfers and those who don’t spend as much time on the course. For Moms that do play often, the Caddy Splash Golf Water Brush, Golf Shoe Cleaning Kit and Golf Pocket Mag Towel make for fantastic gifts. But don't stop there; the website offers a wide array of cool accessories, allowing you to truly spoil your Mom this Mother's Day.

Has Caddy Splash Been Featured In Any Mother's Day Gift Guides?

Yes, Caddy Splash has garnered attention from the golf community, including a feature in Golf Digest by Britney Romano. The article highlighted it as one of the top picks for 2024 Mother's Day golf gifts, noting that the golf water brush "helps them keep their clubs fresh on the course with its retractable cord that can clip to the golf bag. It features a small reservoir that dispenses water through the bristle head, easily removing dirt and debris stuck in the grooves of the clubhead." This note underscores Caddy Splash’s reputation as an ideal gift for golfing Moms.


Now comes the decision, will you treat your Mom with some pristine golf products, or will you be tempted to snag some for yourself? The choice is clear: make your Mom feel special this Mother's Day with a thoughtful gift from Caddy Splash. Not only will it show your appreciation, but it'll also enhance her golfing experience, making those leisurely days on the course even more enjoyable. - Drew 😎