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Golf club water Brush 

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The Easiest Way To Clean Your Golf Clubs...

  • Maximum Short Game Spin
  • Deep Cleaning Action
  • 3 Month Warranty

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Golf Club Water Brush

Make sure that your favorite playing partners are keeping their clubs clean this season! The Caddy Splash Golf Brush With Water Is Perfect For Keeping Your Clubs Clean.

The large nylon bristles provided in this golf brush have complete coverage, making it easy to clean even the most stubborn dirt. Plus, the retractor clip attaches directly to your bag so you can access it easily when you need it.


Leakproof Reservoir

Stores water in a leakproof reservoir tube, allowing you to squeeze out water through the brush hole for a mess-free experience.

Complete Coverage

Large nylon bristles provide complete coverage for thorough cleaning and scrubbing.

Easy Attachment

Attaches directly to your bag with an 18-inch heavy-duty retractor clip for convenient access.


No Detachment Needed

Use the brush without detaching it from the bag, eliminating the worry of leaving it behind.

Lightweight Design

Designed for ease of use and maximum portability, ensuring hassle-free cleaning on the go.

Clip and Go

Simply clip it onto your bag and you're ready to hit the course. Size: Compact size of 7.5 inches, capable of carrying 4 oz of solution for cleaning.


How it Works

Watch the video below


Nylon Bristles

These make it easier than ever to cover the entire clubface and make sure that you have a good cleaning.

Soft enough that your club will not get scratched but tough enough to get the it all out!

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Heavy Duty Retractor Clip

Attaches directly to the golf bag with 18+ inches of a heavy duty cord to ensure a clean everywhere.

Never remove the brush from the bag and never lose it!

Caddy Splash Golf Club Cleaning Brush Cleaning an Iron on the Course.

Deep Clean Garunteed

The water or club and ball washer solution you put into the brush is what makes it have the best clean on every use.

Either on the range with the turf stains or after a round with some good divots, your clubs always deserve to be clean.

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Stores 4Oz

Make sure your clubs will be clean for every shot to unleash the backspin that was designed.

Never let this be an excuse on your next golf shots.

Caddy Splash Golf Cleaning Brush extended retractable clip

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