Golf Club, Grip and Shoe Cleaner

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Now easier than ever to see the original shine on your clubface

Pair your Caddy Splash Water Brush with our all-purpose cleaner and take your cleaning to new heights of excellence

  • Our patented golf solution pairs perfectly with our water brush to effortlessly remove dirt, grass, and debris from your club face. Your club will be so clean you can eat from it!
  • After some time your club grips loose the original tackiness they once had. Sunscreen, snacks and a lot of rounds played can all lead to decrease in tackiness. The solution is meant to bring your grip back to life
  • Playing golf in all conditions can lead to some dirt build up, especially after a muddy round. This solution works hard to breakdown all of the stains you may have collected during your time on the course
  • Simple quick cleaning process to increase the lifespan of your gear. Convenient to carry, 4 fl. oz


Invest in our Cleaning Solution to keep your golf gear in perfect shape while going low!


Restore Your Golf Clubs
Multiple Sharpening Tips
Built To Last
Care for Your Shoes
Increase Spin
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Caddy Splash Cleaning Solution

Perfect Pairing

Our solution is best paired with our Golf Water Brush.
Caddy Splash Founder Jake Swinging a Driver in the Tee Box

Maximum Performance

Unleash the most from your equipment.