2023-03-09 14:32:33 -0800

How to Clean Your Golf Clubs!

The best wayto clean your golf clubs is by using the Caddy Splash Golf Water Brush! Easily scrub away any dirty, grass or mud from the grooves of your club to increase spin around the green and distance of the tee!

1. Fill the Caddy Splash Golf Brush with water or add a little dish soap to enhance the cleaning process

2. Squirt water onto the club face by squezing the bottle

3. Scrub away with the strong nylon bristles on the brush head 

4. Just like that your grooves are spotless and you are ready to hit a great shot!

Before and After

Before and after using the caddy splash golf brush

By the Numbers!

clean grooves lead to better scores by Caddy Splash golf scrub brush