2-Pack Caddy Splash Groove Sharpener

370,00 kr

Unleash the ultimate backspin from your club by sharpening your golf clubs with the Caddy Splash Groove Sharpener.

This compact and easy-to-use tool features three specialized sharpening tips to quickly restore your grooves allowing you to achieve improved ball flight, spin rates, and accuracy. 

  • Not getting the same spin around the greens as you were when you first bought your wedges? Our sharpener is an easy-to-use tool, perfect before a golf round allowing you to get the most from your clubs
  • Our groove sharpener has three tips for U and V grooves, and shoes that are stored in the unit. Access them by unscrewing the bottom part of the sharpener. Never worry about your tips getting dull or not fitting again
  • Some benefits of sharper grooves include pure ball striking, maximum spin similar to pros on tour, and complete control of your shot
  • With an aluminum alloy shaft and vacuum heat-treated steel cutter, our groove sharpener golf accessory has a hardness level of 28. It's long-lasting and won’t break/rust easily.
  • It’s important to keep your footwear free of dirt, so you get better traction on any field. This can also prolong the lifetime of your golf shoes.

The Caddy Splash Team does not recommend clipping it to your golf bag as it is not allowed under USGA rules to use mid-round. Caddy Splash is also not responsible for lost parts from this product. If you have any questions please email support@caddysplash.com.

Restore Your Golf Clubs
Multiple Sharpening Tips
Care for Your Shoes
Built To Last
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6 Month Warranty
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Built For Performance

Not Just For Looks

Unleash The Spin

Release the backspin you deserve with your clubs.
Caddy Splash Groove Sharpener Tool Attachments

For All Clubs

There is a tip for the U grooves, V grooves and a shoe pick.