Pocket Mag Towel and Golf Club Water Brush Bundle

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Experience the ultimate convenience with the Pocket Mag Towel and Caddy Splash Golf Water Brush—the unbeatable duo for your golf bag! Effortlessly clean your clubs with the Caddy Splash Golf Water Brush, then swiftly dry them with the Pocket Mag Towel. With features like a retractable clip on the brush and a magnetic attachment on the towel, accessibility is seamless, ensuring you're always prepared for the course.

What's included:

Golf Club Water Brush: Stay equipped and ready during your round with our Golf Water Brush, designed to swiftly clean grooves and maximize shot performance on the go.

Pocket Mag Towel: Keep your golf balls clean and within reach with the ball pocket. Also featuring a magnetic design, it offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency during every round of the course.

Heavy Duty Retractor Clip
Easy to Use
Deep Cleaning Action
Built To Last
Microfiber Ball Pouch
Greenside Magnetic Feature
Delivery & Returns
Fast Shipping
30 Days Returns
Worldwide Shipping

Built For Performance

Not Just For Looks

Maximum Performance & Control

Clubs that are well taken care of perform better.

Greenside Magnet

Bringing your towel to the green has never been easier
Caddy Splash Golf Cleaning Brush extended retractable clip

No Club Left Behind

Keep all your grooves sharp, no matter the club type.

Microfiber Ball Pocket

No need to rely on the dry ball washers at the course