Golf Pocket Mag Towel


The Caddy Splash Pocket Mag Towel is designed with the player as the priority. The first of its kind to feature a special microfiber ball pocket and hidden magnet, the best and only way you will keep your balls clean moving forward.

  • Greenside Magnet - This towel has a strong magnet for easy attachment to your golf cart or any metal surface, ensuring accessibility. With a silicone logo patch and hidden magnet, it effortlessly attaches to clubs, putter head, or golf cart. Enjoy convenience on the driving range or golf course.
  • Ball Pocket - Simply wet the pocket and throw your dirty golf ball in for an effective clean on the green or on the course. Scrub away any grass stains or mud with the patented ball pouch!
  • Top-notch Microfiber - Our towel is crafted from premium microfiber, renowned for its ultra-absorbent properties. The towel will retain moisture when you need it the most.
Microfiber Ball Pouch
Greenside Magnetic Feature
Waffle Knit Texture
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Built For Performance

Not Just For Looks

Greenside Magnet

Bringing your towel to the green has never been easier

Microfiber Ball Pocket

No need to rely on the dry ball washers at the course